Saturday, August 26, 2017

Starting School with Unique In-Home Designs

School is in the Air!!!

Wow, here it is the last part of August 2017 and school is in the air.  All kinds of school, elementary, middle, high, early learning centers and then there is college.  Are those young ones ready???

What we needed in Past School Years.

We sure remember when we went to school.  A notebook or two, lined notepaper and pencils are what we needed to start our school year.

Present Day School Needs.

Table Lamp
Traditional Desk Lamp, Bronze
Today is something definitely different.  It doesn’t matter which State you are in the schools seem to do the same thing.  The schools have put out a list of supply items that each student will need to start the school year. To top that off, the different schools in the area also may have different lists.   In some area, they also require students to bring in boxes of Kleenex, paper towels, extra notebooks, lined notebook paper and so forth.

Thankfully, there are places that provides all the student needs by shopping online.  That is right, all the needed items can be found via the online stores and then delivered to your home within two or three days.

Saving Money via an E-Commerce Business.

Although our website doesn’t sell printers, our printer went out and it would cost more to fix.  So we went cruising the web and found a printer with great ratings and positive comments. You know if you go to a store you don’t see any comments other than the person trying to sell it to you.  After much research, we ordered our printer on August 15 and it was received on August 17, just two days – awesome.  There was one cable we needed so we went to a computer store in the area.  Would you believe there was the exact printer selling for $30.00 more than what I paid?  This is just an example what online shopping can do for you and no shipping cost.

Busy Lives.

Today, our lives are busier than ever; always on the go.  Even with all the technology we have today, we still our busy.    Our online stores are there to help those individuals to be able to take time and smell the flowers and enjoy family and friends.

Just some thoughts from Barbara and Ann at Unique In-Home Designs.  Comments are most welcome.

See you next time on Unique In-Home Designs Blog.

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