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Summer and the Gulf Coast | Unique In-Home Designs

Summer and the Gulf Coast

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Here at Unique In-Home Designs in Long Beach, Mississippi, Barbara and Ann are preparing for the upcoming summer and Hurricane Season.  We are excited about the summer season as we watch the many visitors and residents enjoying the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.

Hurricane Season

Reflecting back on our past Hurricane Seasons we are aware of the many requirements to stay safe.  Yes we survived Katrina and had a lot of wind and rain damage to our home.  We evacuated and stayed almost four months in Gulf Shores, Alabama while our home was being repaired.  Although Hurricane Season is from June 1st and ends November 30th , there has already been a Tropical Storm Arlene in April. 

Tropical Storm Cindy

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We have had a lot of rain in the past month or so here on the Gulf Coast.  With Tropical Storm Cindy, we got more rain then we needed.  A good many of our Gulf Coast areas had over 5 to 10 or more inches of rain.  With the rain, we also were experiencing flash flooding.  As a matter of fact, the two streets corner our home were flooded; water reaching over the sidewalks and 5 or 6 feet of water in our back yard.  Several of our waterways were at, near or over flood stage.  We all take this in stride since we live in this area.


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Of course, we prepare and take precautions at and during this time. Can we say we are always on alert when we know something is out in the Gulf?   Our local newspaper, The SunHerald publishes a Hurricane Survival Guide that provides us with designated shelters, helpful phone numbers and websites, hurricane evacuation map as well as safety checklists.  This Guide also helps you with essentials such as quantity of food needed and Pet safety.  Our weather continues to stay hot and humid.  Our Gulf Waters are currently staying around 80 degrees.   Taking this in mind, we might have a busy season of storms (Tropical or Hurricane).  We must keep a lookout.

Gulf Coast

Cruisin the Coast
Our Gulf Coast has some 26 miles of beaches which our residents and many visitors enjoy.  There is much activities on the Gulf Coast to enjoy.  In Gulfport, Mississippi, there is the Gulf Islands Waterpark for family fun and entertainment.  Our many fresh seafood restaurants will be a palette pleaser.  Other activities include Cruisin the Coast, antique car shows, historical events, carnivals among the many events here in the Gulf Coast.  Currently we have 12 casinos with more to come.  The casinos also provide hotel rooms for our visitors, access to their pools and great entertainment.  Finally, Gulf Coast has their own Baseball Team, the Biloxi Shuckers.


Yes we are in an area of possible Tropical Storms or Hurricanes just like those
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 places that have Tornadoes, Earthquakes or Fires.  So, we deal with the storms and hurricanes, take the precautions, evacuate if needed, and play safe by what storm officials tell us to do. We will take every storm (Tropical or Hurricane) and do our best to enjoy what is given us just like those living in other places with disasters and have survived. That is the American dream to be strong to accomplish any obstacle that comes our way. We at Unique In-Home Designs live to enjoy life feeling very blessed. 

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