Saturday, May 27, 2017

Are you ready for Outdoor Activities?

Summer is coming! 

Have you scheduled any of your outdoor activities?  Are you planning to have outdoor gatherings, family, friends or something for your children?

electric smoker
Electric  2 in 1 Smoker Grill

One of the most popular activity for any outdoor gathering is cooking.  One of the newest items for outdoors is the electric smoker and grill combo. That is right.  A slow cooking smoker has the elements of providing tasty and juicy flavors to any meat/poultry you are smoking.  While your main entrée is smoking you have time to prepare other items for your feast or conversing with your family or guests.  Why have a smoker and a separate grill when you can have both as one item?  Plus it is an electric smoker and grill with no propane or charcoal fumes.  However, you will enjoy the rich aroma coming from the entrée being smoked or grilled.

No matter what your summer activities are, please be sure to add safety checks at the start of any activity.  No tripping over the electric smoker grill cord.  Your smoker grill is away from the children's play areas.  Drinking plenty of water on those hot days of summer.  If you have a pool, designate an adult to watch over the children in the pool.  

We hope that you enjoy all your summer activities with your family and friends in a very safe environment.

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